Colin Archer RS No1

Well now you are looking at the page about the fine model Colin Archer RS No1 from Billing Boats. It's a model of one of Norway's most famous rescue ships. It was designed by Colin Archer and was active at the Norwegian coast from 1893 - 1933. During this years she rescued a lot of sailors/fisherman's life.
The model is evadible at the market now. It's in scale 1:15, so she is quite large. The measures of the model ; length 127 cm. - high 133 cm. The weight fully rigged for sailing is just about 10 kg.
The hull of this model is made of plastic and the rest of wood. She's a really beauty on the water.

Technical data on the original
Colin Archer RS No1

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Technical data on the model
Colin Archer RS N

Length 13,95 m Length 127 cm.
Width 4,65 m Width 33 cm.
Deep draught 2,3 m Deep draught 10 cm.
Displacement 28 t. Displacement 10 kg.
Material Oak & Pine Material Wood & Plastic
Inside Ballast 4 t. Iron Inside Ballast 6 kg.
Outside keel 5 t. Iron Outside keel None
Sail area 110 m2 Sail area Unknown
Engine 130 HP Diesel Engine 6/12V Electric
Marking LICF RC Control 1
RC Control 2
Sail winch 2-4

Today the boat is located in a museum in Norway called " Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum "
Here you can see here in all of her beauty. She's taken care of by Knut von Trepka. He has also been a member of the team who designed this model. And, if you ever should buy one, there is a numbered certificate with the model.

If you would like to see some more pictures ( close up ), just follow the link in the left frame.