Some of my model planes

Model planes was one of my first hobbies. I started about 20-25 years ago with an easy model from Graupner, called Dandy. I suppose a lot of model planers have learned with this model. After this model I got into more serious stuff, and in a period of many years I was flying big competitions as the Norwegian Championship an other big competitions.

But after some years with high activity I got too a point were it took too much of my time. After that I have just been flying for fun. So today I really like to go out an evening to fly and have a lot of fun with my fellow friends.

Dandy - My first model

Dandy3.jpg (54668 byte)

Cirrus1l.jpg (22378 byte)

Hai - from Eisman Modelbau

Me and Torbjorn with Amifly

Gentron - a nice model from Eisman Modelbau



Kim Kenneth - Tore and me with FUN TIGERS from Thunder Tiger



This is only the beginning of this page. More pictures will follow later